Apartement rental

Our properties in Tempe are suitable for everyone. There we have apartments that are great for tenants in all ages’, singles, couples, with or without children.

Our apartments on Tempe are close to all public transportation whether or not you are going to the north or south part of Trondheim but also into the heart of Trondheim city. At the same time is Tempe just within a short walk from NTNU, St.Olavs Hospital, and Lerkendal stadium.  The most necessary stores as grocery, pharmacy, post office and hair salon are just in the neighborhood.

In Frostgården vis à vis Solsiden you are in the heart of Trondheim. Close to shopping, nightlife and all the facilities that Trondheim can offer. These apartments are suitable for students, young couples and singles that work in or close to the city.


Size 1-room apartment in Frostgården: approx. 30m2 Price from NOK 9300,- + utilities as electricity and joint power.
Size for a 2 room’s apartment: varies from 30m2 until 68 m2. Price from NOK 9000,- until NOK 10900,- + utilities as electricity and joint power.
Size for a 3 room’s apartment: varies from 63m2 til 95m2 Price from NOK 10700,- until NOK 13 500 + utilities as electricity and joint power.
Size for a 4 room’s apartment: are 95m2 Price from NOK 13 200,- + utilities as electricity and joint power.
4- Months’ rent is required as a deposit for renting an apartment through us.

For more information please feel free to contact us per email or visit our office at Teglgården in Hornebergsveien 7A.