About us

Frost Eiendom is one of Trondheim’s largest private apartment landlords. Throughout many years as a landlord, we know what it takes to create a good tenancy relationship! Our Vision (slogan) is “det gode leieforholdet!”
Our rental properties are located in Tempe (Ola Frosts veg 1 -4), Innherredsveien 1C (vis à vis) close to Solsiden and Moholt, Voll Studentby. We have in total over 1100 apartments and accommodations divided into 1-, 2 -, 3 - and 4 rooms apartments plus student accommodations at Voll Student Village (Voll Studentby).  In all our apartments, cable TV is included in the monthly rent. There is also a possibility to order Broadband Internet with different velocity.