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2017 is going to be a busy year. Again we are planning to refurbish a number flats, and we are working to introduce a service programme that will offer Frost Eiendom tenants a few extra benefits. We will provide more information about this programme in spring.

Based on the feedback from the tenant survey, we have decided to make some changes. Some of the changes have already taken place, while others will take a bit longer. In any case we appreciate the concrete suggestions we have received. Here is a list of what we’ve already done and what we will be doing next.



  • We are looking into the possibility of creating a system to notify tenants of the progress of repairs to their flats. This could be in the form of text messages updating them about the work (E.g.: “Waiting for parts to be delivered”).
  • We intend to focus on smoking restrictions and on ensuring that tenants are not bothered by other people’s smoke. We will be sending out an information letter to tenants about smoking rules and putting up ‘No Smoking’ signs on the walkways. We are also looking into building a smoking shelter or similar facility for smokers.
  • There has been some uncertainty surrounding what tenants have to do before they move out. In the future we’d like to carry out an inspection with the vacating tenant and reach an agreement on what the tenant needs to do before moving out.


Voll Studentby:

  • Laundry costs will be reduced, and it will be even cheaper if you use your own detergent.
  • Ashtrays will be removed from entrances.
  • We are looking into increasing internet speed.
  • Various improvements identified in the survey (access to reading room, faulty panel heaters etc.). NB! The survey was anonymous, so if you’ve highlighted issues specific to your flat, we will not be able to address them.
  • We will ensure that everyone is familiar with the fire instructions.



  • We will be building a smoking shelter to the rear of Teglgården so that smokers do not have to stand outside the main entrance.
  • Covered bicycle parking outside Teglgården.
  • We will be building showers / changing rooms for our tenants in Teglgården.


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