Are we keeping our promises?

In the hectic pre-Christmas period almost half of our tenants took the time to respond to our tenant survey. Thanks to every single one of you. You have given us important input that will help make your life as a Frost tenant even better.

In 2016 we spent a great deal of time thinking about how we can honour our customer promises:

  • Renting from us should be trouble-free
  • We are organised and professional
  • We pay attention to your needs


Are we keeping our promises?

Yes, but there is still some room for improvement! We scored very highly on being “organised and professional”. This is very important to us and it would seem to our tenants as well. It’s reassuring to rent from somebody who is professional, respects the rules and is consistent. The survey also confirmed that renting from us is “trouble-free”. One advantage of renting is that it means less responsibility, something many tenants appreciate.

With regard to “pay attention to your needs”, we still have some way to go. We have set the bar high. This is a challenging promise to keep with 1,300 tenants. Yet we believe it is important that the residents get what they want as far as possible.


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